“Shaker Mill Pond” in Poetry Project’s 47th New Year’s Marathon

A videopoem that Garrett Rosenblum and I collaborated on, “Shaker Mill Pond,” will premiere as part of the Poetry Project’s annual marathon. Dreams really do come true!

This year the event, which has traditionally been an opportunity for major physical togetherness as listeners crowd the parish on 2nd and E. 10th, is reimagined as a 24-hour livestream featuring over two hundred incredible poets and artists. I can’t think of a better way to bid 2020 adieu.

Our video takes a look at provisional, accidental, manufactured, and endangered green spaces in and around Columbia County, New York, and Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Here’s what Garrett and I wrote for the screening: “Shaker Mill Pond” develops an anti-Romantic conception of nature that expands ecological notions of interpenetration and resiliency to the field of composition.

The stream goes live at 11:00 p.m. on 12/31/20. I’ll drop an embed here some time in January 2021.

Event description from the Poetry Project website: “An historic presentation of a beloved, iconic, and enduring annual event, The Poetry Project’s 2021 New Year’s Day Marathon will be a 24-hour continuous, online broadcast featuring readings and performances from a global cast of more than 200 poets, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and theatre-makers – devotees of the avant-garde and demimonde, proud visionaries and iconoclasts working at the edge across language, time, and place.”